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The 3 Horrible Words That We Tell Ourselves: ‘Not Good Enough.’

Let me discuss the thing that is always at the back of our heads and continues to come to the front of our heads to bother us. No matter what we may dream of, whether it be acting, singing, dancing, writing, or even something different.

Why do we hurt ourselves by saying these horrible things?

Why do we believe others’ terrible words?
Why do we let others decide that we’re not “good enough”?

Well, I say that…

You decide who and what you are going to be. You do what you love and you don’t listen to those who tell you if you’re ‘not good enough.’
Find your heart’s desire and passion and go for it. No matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it.
Walt Disney didn’t make it on the first try. His animation business bankrupt and he became homeless before he accomplished what he has.
J.K. Rowling was practically almost homeless while she tried to raise her daughter, and was rejected by so many publishers for her beloved books.
Marilyn Monroe was told that she should just give up and be a secretary. Now she is one of the most remembered Hollywood actresses and icons in the world.

Jenna Louise Coleman was rejected from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and look where she is, she has just finished her time on Doctor Who, which is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME thing. And it boosted her career and she did A FABULOUS JOB!

Doctor Who the show itself was built on failure after failure. They had the crappiest budget, but they had an idea and one of the first (i’m not sure if it was producer or director, correct me if I’m wrong.) female directors for the BBC started that show in 1963. Now that’s pretty fab.

Actors are rejected every day, and we never hear about it.
All of them have been told that they “would never make it because they don’t have the guts, talent, etc.” but they showed the world that they could.
I’ve been told by my High School choir teacher that I was stupid, repeatedly in front of the class. Every day. And people wonder why I don’t sing in choirs anymore. It’s because I was told the words “Lindsay has a great voice, but she’s too stupid to do anything with it.”

I’ve been rejected by schools all over the US and the U.K. to Acting and musical theatre programs.

Sometimes I lose hope, but then I remember how other people have succeeded. They had to take lots and lots of rejections, and they had to fail over and over again.
And I still wonder if I am good enough?
And now, i ask myself this why have I let others do this to me for so long?
Because it hurts.
Because words are more powerful than anything else.
They can break hearts, they can encourage, enrage and they can destroy.
Be careful with words.
Be careful with actions but,
Be brave with your dreams.
Because words can hurt so much, you need time to recover and when you recover, realize that you need to work harder to prove those who said that” you could not do it” wrong.
Don’t let anyone dismiss your hard work, ideas, or even just yourself as “not good enough”, because you are good enough.

Please. Please Please.

Understand that.

As the lovely Sierra Boggess once said “You are enough, you are SO ENOUGH. It is UNBELIEVABLE how ENOUGH you are.”

Thanks for reading.

Catch you later,

Lindsay 🙂

10 Reasons Why being an Introvert is Okay

10 Reasons Why being an Introvert is Okay.
1. You get to spend time with yourself, meaning you get to do what you like. Maybe treat yourself to your favorite TV show, music, games, etc. You get to do what you like without anyone telling you that you can’t.
2. You don’t constantly need other people in your life. You are just as cool as any other human being, in fact you’re more exciting.

3. You’re a lot happier.

4. You’ve taken time to know yourself, your goals, your dreams and your passions. You know who you are.


5. You can stay home and watch Disney movies

Feel all the feelings and cry…with no one to judge you…


6. If you’re weird like me, you can practice those character voices that you love to practice all by yourself?


No just me?


9. You can work out/exercise or even take a nap.
10. No one is going to stop you from going on tumblr.
If you hate parties, that’s okay… you have netflix and tumblr. Those are your new friends…

Who am I kidding?

I need a life.

But as a Mormon I don’t drink alcohol so parties aren’t exactly the most excitng things for me. Especially when I’m an awkward 5′4 white girl who just stand there in the corner suffocating and geting asthma attacks from all of the smoke. How do you people do it?

The world may never know…

Or I’ll just never know, and I’m okay with that.

This was very biased from my own opinions and thoughts, this was not meant to offend anyone! All my posts are posted with good intentions and I never want to post anything harmful to anyone in any way. Ever.

Best wishes!


10 Ways to Get Motivated to do ANYTHING!

Are you feeling miserable, bored, tired, or just negative? WELL STOP IT AND GET MOTIVATED! WHAT DO YOU WISH TO DO? WRITE A STORY? CONQUER THE WORLD? Well you’ll need some motivation first. 

Here’s how: 

1) Get off your butt and off of your laptop.

     Most negativity can come from being unproductive, so get off your social networks AFTER YOU READ THIS OF COURSE! 

2)  Go and Exercise. 

   You heard me. Go for a walk, a run, dance around your house like you just don’t care (it’s really fun, trust me.), turn on some music while you do it, run around the house, play with your pets, (but if they don’t like it I suggest you don’t play with them. I don’t want any of y’all to die by playing with your pet. ) AND IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER IDEA FOR EXERCISE THAN DO IT! DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH!

3) Listen to Newsies. 

 People do not understand. Newsies…is the most motivational piece of Broadway/Disney Music out there. I swear I feel like a better person every time I listen to it. I just want to SEIZE THE DAY AND BECOME A NEWSBOY FOR A LIVING YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING? 

Anyway and if you have no clue what Newsies is, watch the movie with Christian Bale from 1996  and you will fall in love with the cheesy dances, motivational songs, etc. Then go listen to the Broadway soundtrack which is 1111111000000% better than the movie and then you’ll be so motivated that you’ll cry.



  • Stop it.
  • Really. 
  • Just stop. STOPPPP
  • Okay, now if you’re not motivated I want you to clear your mind of all negativity. 
  • Better? I hope so.


5) Find your inspiration.

Who/What inspires you? Find that whether its a person, your dog, a writing prompt, etc.

Then use that inspiration to help you get even more motivated!


6) Remember: It’s okay to fail.

This is something I’ve been struggling to get through my head, I’m an actor (in training of course) who is always afraid of failure. My coaches, and my new Teacher have told me this over and over “IT’S. OKAY. TO FAIL. IN FACT IT’S AWESOME BECAUSE THAT WAY YOU CAN LEARN FROM FAILURE TO DO EVEN BETTER THAN YOU COULD HAVE DONE IF YOU SUCCEEDED THE FIRST TIME.” so Never beat yourself up because you failed. 

7) If you’re to the point of tears, cry. Let it out. LET IT GOOOO LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

or if you’re experiencing other emotions. Take it out on the grass. Beat the grass up if you will. The grass doesn’t have feelings. (but the ants do. Then….you should probably run before they attack)

8) Remember that you’re awesome if you try your best. Okay?

You’re awesome.



no seriously exercise makes you happy.

10) Look up your role model’s success stories and see how they made it, once they failed or succeeded. 

Here’s some: (They’re not my role models, just commonly known people) 

Marilyn Monroe was told to just become a secretary instead of an actress, now she’s on of the most remembered actresses of all time. 

Walt Disney’s ideas were rejected for being childish.

Stephanie Meyer wrote 4 yucky books, so if she can get those published I’m sure you can get your novel/series published. 

J.K. Rowling (THE FABULOUS ROWLING) was rejected by so many publishers because Harry Potter was considered a ‘Children’s book” and they thought that it wouldn’t make a whole lot of money and HECK YES IT DID. 

And there a whole lot more stories. 

Thanks! Please follow, like, comment, or reblog! 

~Lindsay your passionate theatre kid and geek,