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The Epic Reads Tag

1) If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who would you like to invite and what would you serve them?

Oh gosh, that’s like asking me to decide my fate. I can’t do this. ITS TOO HARD! I’ll do it anyway though. For you guys.

Not to sound like a total weirdo but I would invite Shakespeare and Romeo to discuss Romeo’s life decisions. I mean Romeo come on, he’s a total creep going after Juliet who hasn’t even gone all the way through puberty yet, when he’s still in love with Rosalind? Just a thought, even though Romeo and Juliet is my least favorite Shakespearean play, I would just love to discuss Romeo’s life choices with Shakespeare. It would be quite interesting.

Plus, I wonder if the tea would even taste good? Maybe I should bring them both to my time period. That sounds a heck of a lot more interesting.

2) Which book do you wish the author would write a prequel for?

I agree with you Mia! I have always wanted a prequel for the Maruaders but not just one….two….or three…or seven.

But J.K. Rowling doesn’t have to…it would be nice though…

3)  Which two characters (NOT from the same book) do you think would make a good couple?

Molly Aster from Peter and the Starcatchers(Book)/Peter and the Starcatcher(Play) with the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who. I don’t why, I just ship them really hard.

4) If you ran into your favorite author on the subway and could only say one sentence to them who is it and what would it be?

If I ran into J.K. Rowling on the subway  I’d probably hug her, and tell her how much Harry Potter has changed my life, and then try not to creep her out with my love for her talents.

5) What book made you a reader and why?

I honestly don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but it was Harry Potter then Percy Jackson. I have never stopped reading since then. My friends and I used to play pretend as the characters in Harry Potter and I refused to read the books, until one day I picked up the first one, and I fell in love.

6) Your bookshelf just caught fire. What is the one book you would save?

MY SHAKESPEARE LEXICONS. I CANNOT SURVIVE THEATRE CLASS WITHOUT THEM AH. AND I’D PROBABLY SAVE the things I haven’t read. I wouldn’t just take one. I would risk my arms getting burned just to save more than one book.

7) Which dystopian world would you want to live in and why?

I knew I would regret not reading more than just two dystopian books…

I only read the Divergent series and the Hunger Games series, and for some strange reason I would love to live in the Hunger Games World. The reason why is still sort of a mystery to me, I mean there’s so much death and I’m not a person who would want to be near war and stuff like that. I don’t know maybe it’s because Allegiant sucked so much that I will never want to live in their world.

8) What is your most Epic Read of all time?

Nonfiction: The 5 Essential Steps to Achieving a Fearless Mind and Higher Performance.

I forgot the author’s name and I’m in bed so I’m not going to check yet. Please excuse my laziness. This book taught me many valuable life lessons.

Fiction: The Percy Jackson Series. Those were so epic, and they were my life in sixth grade, my entire existence revolved around that series.

I further nominate-