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16 Things Only Theatre Kids Will Understand

1. “I can’t I have rehearsal” is almost your excuse for everything and no one understands how important rehearsal is to you and your cast.

2. You don’t live in New York so you cannot see your favorite Broadway stars in the shows that they are in.

3. Your parents believe that “You’ve already seen too many shows.”

4. SMASH was your favorite NBC show that ever existed and you’re angry that the only reason why they cancelled it was “it was too gay.”

5.  You are always practicing.

6. You are always singing and going over choreography.

7. Shakespeare is either your best friend or your enemy.

8. You don’t understand why Anna Kendrick continues to get roles in musicals when she clearly stated that she is “F***ing tired of singing.”

9. You save every program to every show that you have ever attended to.

10. When you’re home alone you play the full cast of every musical ever written.

11.  It is so rare to find a sexy straight male who can sing and dance and that is why you love Newsies so much.

12.  You and your theatre friends break out into “Cell Block Tango” whenever possible.

13. You are so obsessed with your favorite Broadway actors, however you have only seen them in youtube videos.

14. You have made the mistake of drinking dairy before a show, and it was the worst experience ever.

15. IF you ever see a show you walk out with a strange kind of joy that you can only feel from seeing a show.

16. You still dream of performing on Broadway or West End and you never let anyone get in your way.

As a theatre kid myself, I say to all the dreamers out there. It only gets better, I promise. That’s something I’m trying to believe, but once you believe in yourself the possibilities are endless.